Saving the Lives of Our Firefighters
Through Skin Cancer Screening & Education

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Firefighters Are at Risk

Research shows that firefighters in the United States are 9 percent more likely to be diagnosed with cancer and 14 percent more likely to die of cancer compared with age-matched cohorts. Furthermore, melanoma occurs earlier in male firefighters, as young as their 30s.

Below are fire departments we have already screened, with more to come!

We’re Currently at 16 Departments Across Southern California!

The How

CA Firefighter Skin Cancer Coalition Recruits Member Dermatologists to Screen at a Fire Station in Their Community.

The Screen

In Less than Five Minutes, Firefighters Who Choose to Be Screened, Complete Their Screening.

After The Screen

If Needed, Firefighters Are Provided Dermatologists in Their Community to Receive Further Care.

With a lot of heart and a few logistics,

The California Firefighters Skin Cancer Coalition connects Dermatologists, Residents, students, and non-medical volunteers with Fire Stations throughout California to perform skin cancer screenings, free of charge.
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Dr. Kannler's Story

The first ever Firefighter Skin Cancer Screening took place in Boston. A local dermatologist, Dr. Christine Kannler lost her brother, a Firefighter, to workplace cancer.

Determined to make easy access to skin cancer screenings, Dr. Kannler began providing Firefighter Skin Cancer Screenings to local fire stations. One year later, California, inspired by her work, began screening firefighters throughout our great state. 

Similar to Dr. Kannler’s efforts on the East coast, we will screen every firefighter in California, saving lives and inspiring a movement nationwide with zero cost to firefighters and fire departments.

Working Together

We Make up the California Firefighters Skin Cancer Coalition​!

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